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About our stud

Golden Valley Goats is situated in Highvale, north west of Brisbane.  We love all goats, but our boutique stud is dedicated to just one breed: the Pygmy.

We initially chose Pygmy goats over other breeds because of their friendly nature.  Their compact size was also an attraction both for ease of handling and to lessen the chance of our goats jumping fences.

Pygmy goats are still relatively new in Australia, with the first goats being introduced as embryo transfers and imported semen from the United States about ten years ago.  Most were crossed with Australian Miniatures, although some with other breeds.  The goats' registration papers will state the percentage that is Pygmy.  There are very few 100% Pygmy goats in Australia.


Whilst we like having a majority of Pygmy genetics in each goat, we also value the Aussie Miniature contribution in our goats.  Many of the Australian Miniature goats are good quality, hardy animals and they come in a broader range of colours than the traditional three Pygmy colours meaning that we can aspire to breed a cobby, compact goat that fits with conformation requirements of the American Pygmy goat, but is available in both the traditional Pygmy colours as well as a broader and more exciting colour range.

Please read our mission statement and code of ethics below as they guide everything we do with our goats.

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Our Mission

To breed and raise happy, healthy, friendly goats and to enjoy the time we share with them as it is our hobby.  

Left:  A few of the does relaxing 

Below:  Golden Valley Ebony was born in 2022 


Code of ethics

Our goats

The welfare of our goats comes first.

- We keep informed and use best practice veterinary and husbandry methods, including humane euthanasia when necessary

- Our bucklings are wethered at 10-12 weeks old with pain relief

- Our does are bred a maximum of once per year

- Our kids are disbudded under anaesthetic and with pain relief during and after the procedure

- We are selective in finding new homes for our goats and do not sell single goats to people who do not have a similar aged companion

- Our goats are bred to be healthy and strong with easy kidding ability prioritised 

Our customers

- We're honest and friendly and enjoy helping you learn about your new family members

Our legal and biosecurity obligations

- We respect and comply with biosecurity and legal responsibilities around goat ownership and the movement of livestock and aim to educate new owners on their responsibilities in this area


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