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Goats available

All of our goats are disbudded, vaccinated, ear tagged and registered.   Doe kids come with DNA parent verification, wethers do not but we can arrange it for you.    We will not have bucks for sale this year.

Our goats are only available to long-term caring homes with a PIC number, secure fences and shelter. 

Our herd is tested annually for CAE and JD - our last test was in November 2023.

Most of our kids are born in August and available at 12 weeks of age.  Our kids are dam-raised but handled daily.  If you prefer bottle-raised kids we can do this for an additional fee if you pre-purchase early enough and your kids can then go home with you at 8 to 10 weeks old.  Kids sell quickly each season.

We're not in a hurry to sell these two so we've not advertised them except on this page.  We'd like to take them to the Samford Show on
13th  & 14th July.    We may also take them to the AABMGS show at Warwick in November. They will probably sell quickly by word of mouth.  If you are interested in them please let me know as after that time I will advertise them more broadly.
They have filled out and grown into those legs since these photos were taken & Violet now looks chunkier than she does here.

Golden Valley Violet


Doeling 62.5% 

DOB:  30/03/24

Dam:  Elouera Lily (43.75%)

Sire:  Narion Thomas (81.25%)


Violet is a bold, fun loving kid.  She is dam raised but relaxed around people and comes up for a scratch & play.  She'd  suit a breeding or pet home.  Available from July 2024.

Golden Valley Lavender


Doeling  P62.5%

DOB:  30/03/24

Dam:  Elouera Lily (43.75%)

Sire:  Narion Thomas (81.25%)


Lavender is a very attractive, playful kid.  She is dam raised but relaxed around people.  She would be a wonderful addition to a show team or breeder wanting to improve their herd.  Available from July 2024.

Price for Lavender & Violet together is $2,000

Why purchase a registered Pygmy goat from us?

  • Pygmy goats are naturally friendly and inquisitive

  • They are the shortest of the goat breeds, although they sometimes weigh more than some miniature breeds as they have a cobby build.

  • You'll know your goat's history and you know any issues or inbreeding problems. 

  • All goats are small as kids, but many grow to be huge.  You can check the heights of your goats parents right back to the first Pygmy goats that were imported to be sure that your goat will stay small and really is a Pygmy goat.

  • A well bred registered goat will retain it's value, can be shown or perhaps used as breeding stock.

  • Our herd is tested annually for the major debilitating & deadly diseases CAE & JD which may not show in your goat until they are several years old. 

  • Good breeders provide advice and support before you purchase until long after you've taken your goat home.  We'll even mentor you for your first show if you're interested in trying showing.

  • You can meet your goat's parents, see their show and health records and be charmed by their beautiful temperaments.  

Be first to know. 

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Quality Pygmy goats are in high demand and sell very quickly.  

Ask us if you're looking a special friend or breeding stock.  

Next season's kids will range from 53.13% to  75%.  

Wethers $400 and does starting at $1000.  No bucks will be available.  Discounts only for purchases of 3 or more goats.

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After purchase support

We want our goats to be happy in their new homes and for you to be happy with the goats you choose.  Before and after you take them home please ask us if there is anything you'd like guidance with.  

We're happy to show you how to perform any regular maintenance activities like hoof trimming or giving  vaccinations if that is something you'd like to do yourself.

We've never met anyone who regrets taking home a Pygmy goat, but please consider your commitment to buy a goat carefully as the quality of their lives depends on you.  W
e can't take goats back as we are a tested herd and biosecurity for our main herd is critical.  



If you have a question about purchasing or preparing to purchase goats please contact us.  

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