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Goats available

All of our goats are disbudded, vaccinated, ear tagged and registered. 

Our goats are only available to long-term caring homes with a PIC number, secure fences and shelter.  . 

Our herd is tested annually for CAE and JD.

Our final kids for last season, Oreo & Kingston, have found a caring family home and will leave soon.  Our next kids will be available in Spring.  


After purchase support

We want our goats to be happy in their new homes and for you to be happy with the goats you choose.  Before and after you take them home please ask us if there is anything you'd like guidance with.  

We're happy to show you how to perform any regular maintenance activities like hoof trimming or giving  vaccinations if that is something you'd like to do yourself.

We've never met anyone who regrets taking home a Pygmy goat, but please consider your commitment to buy a goat carefully as
the quality of their lives depends on you.  We can't take goats back as we are a tested herd and biosecurity for our main herd is critical.  


If you have a question about purchasing or preparing to purchase goats please contact us.  

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